Catching Feelings
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Catching Feelings
Max Matshane (KagisoLediga), is a 34 year old author who wrote a South African bestseller in his 20’s, but whose star has waned and now finds himself as a disgruntled professor, teaching creative writing at the local university. Max lives in a leafy Johannesburg suburb with his exceptionally beautiful wife, Samkelo (Pearl Thusi), whose career is on the rise as a reputable journalist. Despite their love for each other, their relationship has hit a rut. Lacking excitement, the couple have settled into a routine that neither agrees with. Sam longs to travel and resents that they have become too suburban and ‘safe’, their lives missing the spark it had promised when they f irst met. Max, meanwhile, is stuck in an existential void, contemplating his art as a failed writer and the consequences of his identity as a black academic in modern South Africa. Max now spends his time at dinners and events, musing over his frustrations with his key conspirator and sounding board, Joel (Akin Omotoso), who himself has his hands full with an illicit affair. A wintery Johannesburg sets the scene, as it brings with it a very successful and flamboyant author, Heiner Miller (Andrew Buckland), who abandoned South Africa for greener pastures and now returns to do a residency in Max’s department. Heiner is a hedonist in the truest sense and as soon as he arrives a string of sexual escapades, alcohol and drug induced late nights ensue. Throwing caution to this whirlwind, Max is intrigued and follows Heiner on this adventure of indulgence. But after Heiner suffers a mild heart attack, Max is forced to bring him into his own home to recuperate. Instantly, tensions rise as the infectious joie de vivre of Heiner is set on a collision course with the mundane life that Max and Sam have cultivated. With new questions about love and truth thrust upon them, Max and Sam are faced with an unexpected crossroad, as they search for reason and purpose to life.
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Release Date 09 Mar 2018
Running Time 117
Age Restriction 16 DLNS
Cast Kagiso Lediga Pearl Thusi Andrew Buckland Akin Omotoso Kate Liquorish Precious Makgaretsa Loyiso Gola
Language English
Director Kagiso Lediga